Caring for your NN bamboo -So they remain timeless

Caring for your NN bamboo -So they remain timeless

One of my MOST frequently asked questions is… How do I care for my Nighty Nites Bamboo pieces?

That’s a great question momma, because not so long ago bamboo was completely foreign to me, so trust me you aren’t alone.

Here is what I recommend to keep those bamboo pieces looking new for years to come.

Ideally, you would gently hand wash each piece in cold water with a delicate detergent and hang to dry.

BUT, if you are like me who lacks the space and or time (because who really has time for that?) then there is another option.

I got you girl!

Yup, you can use your washing machine! My pieces will keep their softness, stretch and quality using your washing machine, BUT you do need to follow these instructions. 
Simply turn each piece inside out and toss em in a load with similar pieces. Avoid mixing with hardware (zippers, metal buttons, etc.) and rough/abrasive textures (towels, jeans, etc.) to avoid snagging.
Use a mild detergent with no harsh chemicals like bleach and tumble dry on low in the dryer. ( DO NOT dry on high heat, bamboo is a delicate fiber )

Once dried, they are ready for wear!

It is that easy! Not all bamboo is designed the same, but if you care for your Nighty Nites pieces like I have recommended, they will last a lifetime. 

Erica, Owner

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